2nd Technical Workshop

Apr 2019

3rd Technical Workshop

May 2019
Consortium Meeting - Stockholm
Jun 2019
Guidelines for connecting to eduGAIN
Jun 2019

MyAID website is launched

June 2019
Integration of eduGAIN and the European Student Identifier
Aug 2019
Blueprint for a European Student eID for Higher Education
Sep 2019

4th Technical Workshop - Malaga

Sep 13-14, 2019
Linking of eIDAS and eduGAIN
Oct 2019

European Conference in Berlin

Towards a European student eID - recent developments in the MyAcademicID Project
Nov 13-14, 2019
Report on attribute requirements and student mobility scenarios
Nov 2019
Report on security and privacy requirements
Dec 2019
Consortium Meeting - Amsterdam
Dec 3-4, 2019
National dissemination workshops (FR, SE, ES, EL, IT, DE, PT)
Jan-Mar 2020
Erasmus + online tools integrate the European Student eID for Higher Education
Mar 2020
Report on further development of Erasmus Without Paper
Apr 2020
Estudante ID is linked to eduGAIN and eIDAS
Apr 2020

Closing Conference - Brussels

Jun 2020